Belaga, the uppermost town along the Rejang river for decades literally inaccessible to the outside world. The only means of getting in and out of worn out, almost deserted town was either by the back-breaking 4-Wheel drive vehicle that traversing through degraded Sarawak’s tropical rainforest to Bintulu on a rugged gravel logging road or day-long journey onboard express boat to Sibu.

Frankly, either options is not at all appealing – express boat (or is it ferry in some place?) is darn slow, the 4-wheel drive is back-breaking and not really fast.
In the late 2012, it finally has a road link to Bakun, the main road that eventually connect this dusty, sleepy little town of central Sarawak to the rest of Sarawak.

The 38km Mejawah-Belaga road as it known, is a modest upgrade from the Jayung’s gravel road, no safer, but still provide vital link to the town.