This beautiful A-frame woodland cottage was featured in popular a BBC tv series Grand Designs a few years ago. Described by the series host’s Kevin McCloud as his favorite house – ours too! It is hand crafted by the owner Ben Law using materials available from the woodland where he stays.

It is very eco-friendly house. The wall, for example are made of of straw bale, recycle paper, clay-plastered and timber-clad on the outside. Ben is very self-sufficient from water, electricity to almost all the foods he eats daily. Rain water fallen on the shingles roof are collected, stored in a huge storage tanks and for electricity, Ben has solar panels and wind turbines.

Kevin were so fond of the house that three years later he revisited (watch here) Ben Law whose live then had changed rather drastically. He been married, have a kid and built an extension to the original structure to accommodate his expanded family. It definitely worth watching.