This dog is really a life savior a new type of service dog that help people you to stay alive. Named Ruby and cost US$10,000 the dog can alert Faith Wilson’s mother when the level of blood sugar in her body reaches dangerous level.

Faith Wilson has a rare and severe form of infant diabetes that, if not constantly monitored, could cause her to go into shock and die.

“It’s a very difficult disease to manage and basically it’s organ failure and you have to live your life on life support,” Sarah Wilson, Faith’s mother, told KLTV. “Night times were the worst. I used to have panic attacks every night and wake up and run to her bed, holding my breath, just hoping she was alive.”

After a number of close calls, Sarah Wilson decided to purchase a diabetic alert dog from the Wildrose Kennel in Mississippi.

Rachel Thornton, director of service programs at Wildrose, said each Diabetic Alert Dog is specifically trained to detect, by scent, if their owner’s blood sugar falls below 100.

“We breed all of our dogs and they are trained at Wildrose Kennel. We breed British labs. It’s a very researched very scientific breeding to produce the type of dog we’re looking for. We breed for scent ability and temperament, and it yields a dog that has done very good as a diabetic alert dog,” Thornton explained.

Wilson said in the two years that the family has had Ruby, she has saved Faith’s life countless times.

“I can’t imagine our life without Ruby,” Wilson said. “I know if it weren’t for Ruby, I would have already buried my child. So I don’t even want to think about life without Ruby.”