This free house architectural design is courtesy of Natural Building blogger Dr Owen Geiger. He  is an engineer and licensed contractor specializing in strawbale construction, earthbag and other types of sustainable building.

Dr Owen doctorate was in Social and Economic Development, was the former Director of Builders Without Borders and Founder and Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building (

His new Earthbag Building Guide and accompanying Basic Earthbag Building video are now available. He co-authored the Builders Without Borders Straw-Bale Construction Guides and contributed to Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village.

Dr. Geiger has consulted on numerous international housing projects and worked closely with Habitat for Humanity for seven years. He is also a correspondent for The Last Straw Journal and a Mother Earth News Green Homes Expert.

Here is the summary and specifications of craftsman Bamboo and bottle house design:

Summary: The high cost of housing is the number one problem that must be addressed in order to solve the world’s housing crisis. At a cost of just $3.50 per square foot for materials, the Craftsman House provides safe, disaster-resistant, comfortable housing that is affordable for those in poverty.


  • 940 square feet,
  • 72 square feet loft space,
  • 3 bedrooms, one bath, footprint 23’x40’, plus 118 square feet
  • Covered porch Features:
  • Modern kitchen includes base cabinets made of rot-proof low-fired brick, a pantry and broom closet and dining area;
  • Living room includes built-in bench with storage below (extra sleeping space if needed), coat closet and wood stove;
  • Children’s bedrooms include desks and loft space for additional sleeping or storage space; all bedrooms include ample closet space and two windows per room for cross ventilation and emergency egress; the bathroom has a shower, composting toilet and sink;
  • Open-air laundry creates a pleasant work space that keeps excess moisture out of the house and helps clothes smell better and dry faster;
  • Garden area includes trellises and raised beds for fresh food production;
  • Three water barrels –including one gravity feed water barrel to the kitchen sink – provide potable water for plants and household use;
  • Front porch includes built-in benches for relaxation and social interaction.

The primary building method is bamboo frame with infill panels of plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash.

The main benefit of this design is its low cost and simplicity of construction a common characteristics of typical rural hosues in Southeast Asian and South American.

Download the plan – pdf file.