Going green is not merely a buzzword but actually the way more than 7 billion human beings living on the planet now should really live into the future. Everything we do today can’t be sustainable unless we’re going green.

But what exactly does that mean to you and me? Here is what American expert (Hal Harvey Founder and CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation; Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center) says:

You look at the big system, you look for the biggest changes you can effect, and you take care of those, and you’re mostly there. If you’re talking about a building, you’re talking about, how well is it insulated?

What kind of lights and windows does it have? And what kind of furnace does it have, or air conditioning system? That’s green.

It’s not, did I use a special paint, or did I recycle my carpets? Now that’s important, too; I don’t mean to trivialize those things. But if that’s all you do, is put in this sweet recycled carpet, you’re not really in the business. That’s marketing.

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