Today is January 17, 2012. blog is now live. The physical works – land clearing, planting at the eco-farm yet to pick up steam. Access road is one of the main reason of the delay. We’re still pretty much at the mercy of logging companies to build the access road.

Our plan is to get the land clearing – yup it’s still thick rainforest jungle out there – by the end of January. Then the hard works really start, beginning with building our shelter (thinking of mud house) barn, starting vegetable garden, food forest and many more.

It’s going to be an exciting journey for me – Calvin since it will involve big shift in lifestyle – from urban to jungle.The other members of the pioneering Opai Sama Eco-farm team are my sisters, brothers – Oman Benyek, Akek Belingin, Inan Terai, Inan Gong and Oman Gong.

This is an exciting journey of self-sufficiency, low impact living we had wish for so long.