Turning kitchen waste particularly biological waste such as vegetables to be reusable as organic fertilizer is getting easier. The innovative solution conceived during an ‘Agriculture and the City’ seminar in Germany – lead to creation of ingenious kitchen composting bin.

The cutting board can be slid aside to easily shove food scraps into the vermicompost-container.

Their idea was to allow millions of high rise city dwellers in highly urbanized Germany to grow their own food on bookshelves and fertilize them using compost from the kitchen waste!

The “Parasite Farm” as it dubbed – is a system that enables city dwellers to compost their biological wastes into humus soil and that can be used to grow vegetables and herbs in an apartment.

The composting bin can be hang on your kitchen table

The vermicompost system can be integrated in the interior of a home using existing furniture as infrastructure to plant food. The parasitic objects are fed by food wastes which then provide you with fresh vegetables.

This small-scale nutrient cycle makes people discover the fascination of growing their food and evokes questions about the current industrial food production and possible alternatives.