A team of doctors in India perform a rare surgery to remove a live fish measured about 9cm or 3.5 inch from a 12-year old boy’s lung. According to news report, Anil Barela, who lives in the Khargone district, was playing on a riverside with his friends on May 23, when the incident happen.

Indian doctors who operated Anil said it was common for children in the area to swallow live fish. Unfortunately in the case, instead of going into Anil’s oesophagus, the fish slipped down his wind pipe entering his left lung.

This causes shortness of breath. Doctors said his breathing rate was at 34 per minute higher than normal rate of 17 per minute.

Dr Pramod Jhawar, a chest specialist and bronchoscope expert said the fish was alive and taking its last breath when the bronchoscopy was done, restricting the functioning of both the lungs, resulting in low intake of oxygen.

This is the first case of this sort that they have seen in 20 years, he said.

Dr Jhawar, together with ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist Nikhil Saxena and anaesthetists, performed a 45-minute-long procedure to remove the fish from the boy’s lung.

Dr Saxena said they have come across cases where kids swallow plastic or other materials, but this case was unique in its own way.