John Liu has made several documentaries on the restoration of badly degraded eco-system caused by to human activities worldwide for decades.However one documentary that really stands out was his documentary – (watch below) on Loess Plateau, China.

This documentary was a decade long worth of film-making, detailing every bits and pieces of how Chinese authorities embarked on world’s biggest greening project to transform badly degraded, desert lands – about the size of Netherland,  blossoming, greening again.

Thousand of years of farming activities had degraded the land so bad that nothing grow on it except desert plant. It was a seemingly impossible task, a super human effort he said of the project.

But they did it. The place is now full of lives, no longer deserted or constantly under the threat of famine. Today the plateau is among China biggest producer of foods – providing varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains to millions of Chinese far beyond the plateau region.

Liu said there is a direct link between degraded eco-system and human poverty. Unproductive land causes poverty. Once among the poorest region in China, Loess plateau is today a place of abundant and prosperity.

Inspired by the Loess plateau successful restoration efforts – other countries soon follow suit.  In Ethiopia, Rwanda and middle eastern countries similar efforts have successfully restored thousand of hectares of lands.

Often famine stricken Ethiopian is depending less and less on foreign food aid after its greening project and food production in country has gradually increased. These re-greening the desert projects show that we can reverse human induced desertification process said Liu. But why don’t we?

Part of the problem attributes to the fact that people aren’t thinking of the ecological functions. They ignore the science of ecological functions and believing that what important is to produce something not maintaining the ecological aspect of the soil.

A damage eco-system will ultimately become a threat to the survival of humanity not only in individual places in China, Rwanda or Jordan but also the entire planet. For human to survive on this planet it has to be always ecologically functional and healthy.

“If we understand how the natural system works, emulate those processes and we don’t disturb those bio behaviors, we could live in garden of ‘Eden’, John Liu said.

So how can you help? Do the little thing first and you can start by taking time off watching this ‘Regreening The Desert’ documentary.

Then learn more about how our eco-system works. Don’t turn your own land and state the next environmental catastrophe.