About a decade ago, Krusha Prabaskar was a young man beginning  a career in the banking industry when he suddenly being diagnosed with a rare eyes disorder that could threatened his career and life. Doctor told him the problem was serious and that he would be losing an eyesight for the rest of his life.

At the time Krusha was only two years into his job and was rather unsure if he could continue to work in a very competitive environment such as in the banking industry without both eyes.

Instead of moaning about his situation, Krusha moves on. Against all the odds, seven years in a row he continues to achieve what others struggling to do – meeting tough sales targets set by the bank months after months.

His achievements astonished everyone around him and was thinking what could have given this blind young man strength to carry on, motivated and inspired him to achieve such a feat! His mother words, he said.

Krusha’s mother told him to “accept and move on” and he did exactly that. Today Krusha is a successful bank manager and always reminded people there is really no secret to his success but  “to stay alive and be alive” .

“You only given this life once. So grab, live it to the fullest. Be passionate about life and being alive,” he said.

[via Digi WWWWOW Awards]