Opaisama location as never seen . Click on image to enlarge.

Recent updates to Google maps enable us to see Opaisama from an angle that has not been possible before – a bird eye view of valley tuck away in the uppermost of Sama river – a tributary of Rajang river. Anyone can clearly get an idea of the farm location now without leaving their chair. Bintulu, our nearest town, 117km away is to north west and Miri city is on the north east. Further to the east is our neigboring country Brunei.

Belaga town, visibly closer to Opaisama on the map is actually twice the distance to Bintulu town – as you have to make a round trip to the town – ie., Opaisama -> Bintulu -> Bakun -> Belaga.

The river that runs from East to south west on the map is the mighty Rajang river. The highest peak in the area is Bukit Dungan or Dungan hill over 1900 meter high on the south east; second highest is Bukit Burok slightly over 1000 meter.

The farm is still surrounded secondary tropical forest likely to be logged within the next few years to make way for oil palm and acacia tree plantations.