Wayne and Margy Lutz floating cabin on Powell River.

Margy Lutz and husband live on a floating cabin at one of Coastal British Columbia most scenic location – Powell River. Their 675-square-foot cabin provides them with the off-the-grid simplicity, self-sufficiency they were looking for. There’s no television or Internet, and the couple uses a wood-burning stove for heat and of course grow their own green.

Yup! They are growing green on floating log garden! It sound like a perfect solution to eliminate certain pests, particularly slug from a garden? Not really, Margy found out. She said, slugs somehow still find ways ravaging her small floating vegetables garden each night.

“I don’t know how they arrived, but they are there to stay. Because my garden drains into the lake, I don’t want to use poison,” she said. A gardener suggested to her to use a plastic tub to contain the slug poison. Then it could be disposed of (along with any deceased slugs) in the trash.

Below are photos how a ‘slugotel‘ – a hotel for slugs – “where slug can check-in, but never check-out alive”.

We’ve not tested Margy’s ideas in our garden because our free ranging chickens are pretty helpful in fighting the pests including slugs.

However, we’re pretty sure it will work.

Photos: Margy Lutz