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Tag: bio-char

Does Biochar Deliver Carbon-Negative Energy?

Johannes Lehmann, Associate Professor of soil biogeochemistry at Cornell University, discusses the characteristics of naturally occurring terra preta including its agricultural and carbon sequestering benefits and then turns to considering the factors involved with implementation industrial biochar systems for large-scale carbon sequestration and energy provision.

Biochar Videos Series

Below are three series, short Youtube segments that the International Biochar Initiative has prepared to provide basic information about biochar.

Overview of biochar

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The Secrets of Eldorado – Terra Preta

In this documentary a legendary civilization thought to be too good to be true on the basis of the stories told by the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana, is found to be a real part of history. We can separate fact from fiction here, in that the golden riverbanks the Spaniard told of, were not golden as with precious metal strewn along them, but with something far more precious – crops!

How To Make Charcoal From Agriculture Waste

Demonstration on how to make charcoal briquettes, by Amy Smith of D-Lab, MIT . The charcoal is made from agricultural waste materials using an oil drum. In this case maize stalks were used. The charcoal is compressed to briquettes using a simple hand-operated press. The demonstration was held during the IPIDAT 2009 meeting. Read more