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Tag: gardening

Beans, peas trellis made from bamboo or willow

The above diagram show four simple, practical ideas for making beans and peas trellis on your garden using bamboo and willow. Here are more pics of beans gardens using bamboo trellis. Read more

Geoff Lawton Second Zaytuna Farm Site Tour

Geoff Lawton second video tour of Zaytuna Farm – the Australia Permaculture Institute farm. Watch his first video tour

Three Common Garden Planning Mistakes

This Youtube video will show you the common mistakes even experience gardeners do and help how to avoid them. Among the common mistakes are overcrowding, a mistake gardener often make after seeding so many plants and have limited space to grow them. Over-crowding will lead to lower yield and stunt growth among the plants. Watch the video for more tips.

Growing perfect tomato tips

We have little success in growing tomato here at OpaiSama although it appears the easiest edible fruit to grow in this video. We’ll try again.