Batad village, Ifugao Philippines. (photo credit: flickr/canlasa)

Hills and mountains in the landlocked Ifugao, Philippine were terraced thousands of years ago primarily for a ricefield although today they are more of a tourist attraction and object of marvel than foods producing lands.

Then, the necessity to produce their own food, people in the Ifugao region painstaikingly carved rugged mountainous terrain to make terraced pond fields for rice cultivation.

It’s a marvel of sort. Despite lack of education, formal training and modern technology, Ifugao forebears turned hills and mountains into magnificent rice terraces fortified by enduring stonewalls that were made productive by ample supply of water through intricate irrigation systems.

Over the years, the product of the people’s resourcefulness has become well known especially with the amplification of its aesthetic, archeological, engineering, architectural, and socio-cultural significance.