Opai Sama – Punan words for  ‘Sama upriver”.  The river has been the lifeline for Punan Sama community for milenia. Sama river is a tributary of Rajang river and located downriver from Belaga town (about an hour express boat journey).

However over the years – as result logging, many of the young had migrated to nearby towns and cities such as Kuching and Kuala Lumpur deserting their longhouse – Punan Sama.

Punan Sama longhouse as seen from the front (river) view.

Leaving the longhouse to the old men, women and their young children behind, depriving the rural communities of crucial workforce that could sustain, improve longhouse economy.

Luring them back is a challenge. This people need jobs – but the village offers none.

However there is a glimmer of hope though. With this Opai Sama farm project – we hope to demonstrate to them there is still hope in their village, longhouse.

Opai Sama project, although a farming community. The farming methods that we gonna employed here would be entirely different from the conventional farming methods that Punan people used to – fertilizer, fertilizer and cash crops.

Punan Sama longhouse back view as seen from the hill top

Opai Sama project will be a permaculture community – practising permanent agriculture as developed by Australian Bill Mollison.

Permaculture farming methods – which emphasize on design of farm land when farming is almost unheard of in Sarawak although it has gained popularity worldwide.

So here we go. We need your support all the permaculturists out there.